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20 Mar INDEX NUMBERS PRESENTED BY- Deepak Khandelwal Prakash Gupta. Interpret and use a range of index numbers commonly used in the Australian business sector; Define an index number and explain its use; Perform calculations. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Index Numbers. Chapter 2. GOALS. Describe the term index. Understand the difference between a weighted and an unweighted index.

South-Western/Thomson Learning . 2. Slide. Chapter Index Numbers. Price Relatives; Aggregate Price Indexes; Computing an Aggregate Price Index. Index Numbers. LEARNING GOAL. Understand the concept of an index number; in particular, understand how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used to . Index Numbers. Price Relatives. Aggregate Price Indexes. Computing an Aggregate Price Index. from Price Relatives. Some Important Price Indexes. Deflating a.

Index numbers are convenient devices for measuring relative changes of differences from method of selection of the units for compilation of index numbers. Price Indices: Part 1. MEASUREMENT ECONOMICS. ECON ECON PAGE 2. What is an index number? The problem of how to construct an index. A Number used to measure how much somthing has changed from one time period to another Tend to underestimate price change. Weights have to be. Index numbers are used in measuring changes in a set of related variables: A simple TFP index example; Price index numbers; Quantity index numbers. LESSON 7. INDEX NUMBERS. Economic activities have constant tendency to change. Prices of commodities which arc the total result of number of economic.

The Rules Of Indices. Rule 1: Multiplication of Indices. a n x a m = Rule 2: Division of Indices. a n a m = . Rule 4: For Powers Of Index Numbers. Learning Objectives LO1 Compute and interpret a simple index. LO2 Describe the difference between a weighted and an unweighted index. LO3 Compute and . 2 Learning Objectives LO Compute and interpret a simple, unweighted index . LO Compute and interpret an unweighted aggregate index. LO Index Number. Measures change over time relative to a base period; Price Index measures changes in price. e.g. Consumer Price Index (CPI). Quantity Index.


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